Purple Poppies

We’re collecting hand made purple poppies to feature in our commemorative film clip.

We are thrilled to receive them from people all over Australia, many with Australian Light Horse Brigade family connections. We are honoured to represent so many Australian family members with the poppies. If you’d like to contribute, just google “poppy patterns” and contact us for a postal address. Our original aim was to collect 500 and it seems we will collect far more, thanks to the generosity of so many. And the best bit? When we’re finished with them, we’re donating them to the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation http://awamo.org.au/ to be used in their many commemorative projects. How good is that?

Poppy Count so far … 1306!!

With grateful thanks to all the purple poppy contributors:

Sue Arthur

Bronwyn Bell

Dianne Carr

L. Clements

Joan Coonan

Lyn Gambley

Dianne Hiles

Stella Hunter

Leah James

Rachel Launders

Finella Loch

Jan Maslen

Doreen Pitt

Helen Kelly

Ann Sadler

Liz Short

Lyn Weber

Sandra Williams

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